The New Trendsetters – Hair & Fashion In Tell All Interview With Patrick Ferrara

Fashion, it’s all around us and is forever changing. From season to season, it is expressed to the simplistic form hot off the runway to the Avant-garde couture, where models wear one of a kind masterpieces from Paris. Fashion is a head-to-toe look and one of the essential elements that can set the tone is your hairstyle.

I had the opportunity to sit down and have an interview with celebrity hairstylist, Patrick Ferrara at Julien Farel Salon in NYC, who has created looks for Eva Longoria, Uma Thurman, Jessica Stam, Daphne Guinness to name a few and is a personal stylist to Emmy Award-winning actress, Tammy Blanchard. In addition to his roster of clients he has made into walking masterpieces, Ferrara has graced the pages of Vogue, Allure, Marie Claire, People and Quest magazine with bold sexy stream line styles that are timeless and trend setting.

Please, come join us, and while you are at it, have some tea and sit back and enjoy our conversation about fashion, beauty, style, & hair and be transformed to the new you this season or NEXT.

SHAWN REINOEHL How did you get involved in becoming a hair stylist.
PATRICK FERRARA Well hair for me has been something I have been always attracted to as a child, and from there, I studied art and industrial design which sculpture is something to me that I bring to the table as a hairstylist, creating shapes, images, and characters.

SR Who are your favorite hairstylists from past/present?
PF My inspiration would start with Kenneth, than Guido & Garren.

SR Do you feel hairstyle and fashion go hand-in-hand?
PF Absolutely, it’s a trend setting medium. It’s about creating an image that plays along with a story the designer is inspired by… It’s a fantasy.

SR Who are you favorite designers?
PF My favorite designers are Margiela, Dsquared2. I love Oscar de la Renta. I love Prada, Louis Vuitton and Rick Owens.

SR Out of those designers you listed, who would you like to work with?
PF It would definitely have to be Margiela, because John Galliano designs for them now and he is about fantasy. He’s about stepping outside of the box, creating looks and fantasies that I gravitate towards.

SR What direction do you see fashion & hair leaning towards in the next few years?
PF I think fashion and hair will come across more as ethereal, something a little more feminine that plays upon fluidity and less structure.

SR Which fashion era are you inspired by?
PF 1930’s, it’s epic classic Hollywood!

SR Who are some of your favorite celebrities you have styled for?
PF Tammy Blanchard, Meryl Streep, Molly Sims, & Eva Longoria.

SR What’s the next step in your career?
PF The next step in my career would have to be making a mark in the hair & fashion industry.

SR What is one thing you would never do in your life?
PF I would never stop dreaming!

SR If you could be on a TV reality show, which one would it be?
PF I don’t watch them but if I could do hair for a TV show it would be Downton Abbey.

SR What inspires you?
PF To be honest what inspires me is New York City. It’s the people on the streets. It is those creative human beings that are walking around in front of us.

SR What do you find inspiring about fashion?
PF That it’s always evolving.

SR In the next year, what hairstyle trends do you think will be trending?
PF The Vidal Sassoon theory, straight hair is definitely breaking its way back into mainstream with a beautiful middle part straight hair that we haven’t seen in a long time. And I think the whole theory and evolution of Vidal Sassoon using blunt, asymmetric haircuts are coming back too.

SR And do you think that will also tie into fashion becoming more simple and clean?
PF Way more clean lines, simple, less volume. I think fashion is definitely going in that direction, we haven’t seen that over a decade.

Till next time
Shawn Reinoehl

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