The Mystery of Mastery

Mastery: The feeling that we have a greater command of reality, other people and ourselves.

Robert Greene – Mastery

Most of us have a hard time even feeling adequate, but the truth is we were built for MASTERY whether we are aware of it or not. Plus, we all have the ability to get on the path of mastery even if it first appears to be an unconquerable struggle.

Key & keyhole with light

We are not born with the secret key to mastery, yet we can unlock its mystery for it lies within our uniqueness and the role we are meant to play in the game of life. Even the thought of mastery seems meant for people of higher capabilities than we possess. Yet, if we find it tough just to get through the daily struggle why even contemplate mastery? The answer again comes from Robert Greene:

You must see the goal of mastery as a necessity. A larger purpose to our lives.

For me, the true goal is not for the sole purpose of mastering a particular subject, but to gain a better command over ourselves. It opens up doors of wonder, curiosity and awe that allows us to see our reality more clearly.


Doubting your ability to find mastery in your life is normal. However, your ability to endure the doubt is in your control. Do not even attempt to stop the feelings of doubt, just do not let them stop you from achieving the awareness that mastery is an attainable goal. In fact, the frustration is actually a sign of progress. As Robert writes:

The only real impediment to mastery is yourself and your emotions. You cannot suppress such emotions – they are normal to the process. What you can do is have faith in the process.

Click HERE to watch my entire conversation with Robert Greene about his book Mastery and begin your own journey towards mastery.

Enjoy, share with others, and have faith in the process.



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