Thailand picks up the pieces after tropical storm Pabuk

Villagers in southern Thailand have begun to recover and rebuild what is left of their homes and livelihoods after Tropical Storm Pabuk swept through on Friday. FRANCE 24 went to meet those dealing with its aftermath. In the village of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Juritha, a grandmother and wife of a fisherman, was not so lucky. Her home was devastated. “The ceiling is destroyed, everything is damaged,” she told FRANCE 24. Many of her neighbours have also lost their homes. Jom, Juritha’s 63-year-old husband, has spent fifty years working as a fisherman and has seen all kinds of disasters, including tsunamis. But now the weather in January is so bad he cannot get his boat out to sea to make a living. “The waves are too big, but I really need to fish,” said Jom. The fishermen have avoided the worst but they will have to rebuild their houses in the rain and it will be many days before they can get back to sea.