Kherson Region eyes split from Ukraine

A petition to hold a plebiscite was sent to the head of the administration, RIA Novosti reports

The southern Ukrainian Kherson Region may hold a vote to establish whether its people want to break away from Kiev and ask Moscow to accept it as a new region of Russia.

A petition to put the question to a plebiscite was sent to Vladimir Saldo, who leads the administration in the region, which has mostly been under Russian control for months, RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday. The call came from a public council, which is tasked with representing the local people.

On Monday, the head of the so-called military-civilian administration, Kirill Stremousov, said the region’s residents “want guarantees that we will become a part of the Russian Federation.” 

People of Kherson ”are afraid that Russia might leave,” Stremousov said.