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Moderates sidelined as Iranians head to the polls

Iranian voters on Friday will pick 290 parliamentarians in the country’s first poll since the US pulled out of a landmark nuclear deal. But critics complain Iranian authorities have already orchestrated a conservative takeover of parliament by barring moderate candidates.

Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert: Hollywood’s new place to film

Its breathtaking landscapes seem out of this world. Jordan has been the setting for dozens of Hollywood blockbusters. The splendid archaeological city of Petra was the setting for Indiana Jones, while more recently the Wadi Rum desert welcomed the crew of Star Wars. We tell you why it’s not just all about the scenery but also down to money.

Turkish offensive on Syria’s Idlib ‘only a matter of time’, warns Erdogan

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday a Turkish military operation to push back a Syrian government offensive against rebel strongholds in northwest Syria was now “a matter of time” after talks with Russia failed to halt the assault.

Beyond rockets and air strikes: The Israeli-Palestinian trade war

Israel blocked Palestinians exports from leaving the territories on February 9, in another chapter of the trade war they have been fighting since September, when the Palestinian Authority banned Israeli veal from entering its territories. The battle threatens both Israeli farmers and particularly the already fragile Palestinian economy, which is highly dependent on the Hebrew state.