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Sri Lanka’s new PM wins support for ‘economic war cabinet’ amid worsening crisis

Sri Lanka’s new prime minister won crucial support from two main opposition parties on Monday, easing the pressure on the ruling Rajapaksa clan in the face of the island’s worsening economic crisis.

Leaked China database identifies thousands of Uighur Muslims detained in Xinjiang

Nursimangul Abdureshid was born in the Kashgar region of China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and moved to Turkey to pursue an academic career. Her family stopped calling her in 2018. But a leaked list of thousands of detained Uyghurs has helped her shed some light on the whereabouts of her missing relatives.

Women voters could swing Australian election result

With anger over misogyny in the Australian parliament, women’s rights have dominated the election campaign as Australia heads to the polls later this month with a record number of female candidates standing as independents. Also the Taliban has ordered women in Afghanistan to cover their faces when in public while encouraging the use of the burqa. Plus fury over the fact that only five out of 22 directors competing at this year’s Cannes Film Festival are women. Annette Young talks to French talent agent, Solène Edouard, about why this is happening despite a pledge by organisers in 2018 to improve gender representation.

Sri Lanka protesters vow to continue anti-government campaign despite new PM

Sri Lanka’s new prime minister will begin forming a unity government on Friday, but his appointment has failed to appease anti-government protesters demanding the resignation of the president for the country’s disastrous economic crisis.

China doubles down: Can Xi Jinping stick to zero-Covid policy?

Can China have it both ways? Can it keep out Covid-19 and maintain robust growth in the run-up to a crucial Communist Party congress in the autumn, one that could make Xi Jinping president for life? Beijing seems to think the answer is yes as it doubles down on coronavirus restrictions, even as the official number of cases drops in places like Shanghai.

UN Security Council holds emergency session on Taliban crackdown on women

The U.N. Security Council held emergency closed consultations Thursday on the Taliban’s latest crackdown on Afghan women as it considered a presidential statement that would express deep concern at its new ban on women leaving home “without necessity” and wearing head-to-toe clothing when they do go out in public.