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Mortality should probably be counted in thousandth:

Danish blood tests shed new light on the coronavirusPreliminary results from antibody testing must be taken with a number of caveats, the professor emphasizes. Tests from 1,487 Danish blood donors may help shed new light on how deadly coronavirus really is.The World Health Organization, WHO, has estimated that the figure is around one to three… READ MORE

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Lo Celso escapes red card as VAR officials own up


Magical Messi gets four in Barcelona's Camp Nou rout


Nevada caucuses: What to expect in the next step to take on Trump

The Democratic race to decide who will take on Donald Trump in November's election resumes. READ MORE

Coronavirus: South Korea confirms huge rise in cases

The PM describes the situation as grave as the total number of confirmed infections rises to 433. READ MORE

L'Arche founder Jean Vanier sexually abused women - internal report

A report by L'Arche finds that Jean Vanier, who died last year, abused women for decades. READ MORE

Saudi rapper faces arrest for Mecca Girl music video

The governor of Mecca says Asayel Slay's music video is an "insult to the customs" of the city. READ MORE

South Sudan rivals Salva Kiir and Riek Machar strike unity deal

The deal is intended to end six years of conflict which has killed some 400,000 people. READ MORE

Quaden Bayles: Bullied Australian boy leads out all-star rugby team

Crowds cheer as the nine-year-old indigenous Australian takes centre-stage in the Queensland match. READ MORE

Yeshaneh smashes world record in Nike Vaporfly shoes

Ethiopia's Ababel Yeshaneh became the latest athlete to break a world record wearing Nike's controversial Vaporfly shoes as she won the Ras Al Khaimah half marathon in the United Arab Emirates. READ MORE

Afghans take to the streets to mark start of week-long partial truce

A week-long, partial truce came into effect across Afghanistan on Saturday, with jubilant civilians celebrating in the streets to mark a potentially historic turning point in the war, even as isolated attacks threatened to undermine the process.  READ MORE