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Ny låneside hjelper norske forbrukere med de beste lånetilbudene

Leter du etter lån idag? Hos får du de beste låneavtalene på markedet. Lån 24 timer i døgnet, er alltid åpent. De har tilbud fra noen av de beste leverandørene i markedet, inkludert ferratum kredittkort. De har også lån uten sikkerhet, lav rente og fleksible avdragsordninger. READ MORE

Gilbert værk

Gilberts Værk.-Guerickes Forsøg. - Ledere og Isolatorer. - Elektrisk Pendul og Elektroskop. - Hvad er Elektricitet: - To Slags elektriske Tilstande.- Gnidnings- elektrisermaskinen. - Leidnerflasken eller Kondensatoren. - Elektrisk Fordeling. - Forsøg på at anvende Gnidningselektriciteten. Ikke mindst, fordi Gilbert gik frem på den angivne Måde og viste andre samme Vej, fortjener han at kaldes… READ MORE


Menneskets Kendskab til Elektriciteten må siges at være så gammelt som Menneskeslægten selv; thi i Lyn og Torden har de elektriske Kræfter fra de ældste Tider trådt Menneskene i Møde på en vildere og vold- sommere Måde end de andre Naturkræfter. Men vi ved ikke, når Men- nesket først lærte selv at frembringe elektriske Kræfter,… READ MORE


There are two types of nuisances: private and public. The two have little to do with each other. A private nuisance is activity that interferes with the use and enjoyment of someone's land; air and water pollution, noise, and bad odors are classic examples. Public nuisance has come to mean acts which inconvenience or interfere… READ MORE

Legal tort before 1800

Before 1800, society was mostly agrarian and life was mostly agrarian and life was tough and inordinately short. Most accidents arose out of a non-mechanized farm life involving family members and neighbors. Most harm that was caused by strangers was intentional, so the law was little concerned with unintentional harms. As industry, urban life and… READ MORE

Tort Claims and Damage Awards

The median personal injury jury award in all jury tort Cases is about 500.000 Eighty-five percent of all awards are below the arithmetic mean amount $465.000. Awards are much higher in medical malpractice and product liability 1 of more serious injuries in these contexts, but such cases comprise only about ten percent of all state… READ MORE


The costs of accidents every year are stupendous despite the downward trend in the accident rate. The National Safety Council estimates that in 2003, there were $605 billion in total economic losses from all types of accidents. The total economic loss figure includes medical expenses, wage losses, and property dam age. In addition, estimates of… READ MORE

Accidents in United States

Accidents are responsible for tens of thousands of denths and millions of disabling injuries every year in the United States. In 2003, there were 101,500 denths and 20.7 million disabling injuries attributable to accidents. The prin cipal causes of accidental deaths are motor vehicles, poisoning by solids and liq uids, falls, drowning, and fires. Close… READ MORE

What is all the fuss about Face Tan Water?

Lets ‘Face’ it! Beauty trends come and go, and to be honest many of them shouldn’t have shown up in the first place! Hyaluronic Acid is NOT one of those ingredients. Hyaluronic Acid is a key ingredient in Eco Tan Face Tan Water… But what are the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid? Face Tan Water is… READ MORE


Eco Tan-Eco by Sonya are absolutely blown away by their latest award all the way from the USA; revolutionary cult favourite FACE TAN WATER has just WON BEST FACE TANNER in Healing lifestyles 9th annual Earth Day Beauty Awards 2018. The first & original Aussie made Certified Organic tanning range founded by Gold Coast single… READ MORE

Google parent company Alphabet held a secret ‘logistics summit’ last week with reps from FedEx and other shipping companies

Alphabet held a closed-door meeting with internal executives and external retailers last week to discuss potential investments and strategies in the logistics sector. The event, which was held in Silicon Valley, was called the Alphabet Advanced Logistics Summit and hosted by Alphabet’s research and development unit, “X,” and its recently spun out infrastructure company Sidewalk… READ MORE

Luxury goods giant LVMH eyes $14.5bn Tiffany takeover

US-based Tiffany says it is "reviewing" a takeover offer from Bernard Arnault's luxury giant LVMH. READ MORE