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Column: Cheney's Wyoming defeat is a win for Trump and a decisive blow to fading GOP establishment

Cheney's congressional primary loss also undermines the truth and those who care about protecting democracy. READ MORE

Rep. Liz Cheney loses Wyoming GOP primary to Trump-backed challenger

The three-term congresswoman lost to Harriet Hageman, a lawyer who has worked to block federal regulations in Wyoming and who was endorsed by former President Trump. READ MORE

Moderator onstage with Salman Rushdie speaks out after attack

Henry Reese, who was moderator at the event where the author was stabbed, speaks to the BBC. READ MORE

Kenya election 2022: Raila Odinga to go to court, as others celebrate

Kenya held one of its most nail-biting, and controversial, elections since one-party rule ended. READ MORE

Punjabi Lehar: The YouTube channel uniting Indians and Pakistanis

Punjabi Lehar is helping reunite those who were separated by India's partition in 1947. READ MORE

Ukraine war: Thousands of Jews quit Russia amid fears of persecution

Around 20,500 Jews out of an estimated 165,000 Russian Jews, have moved from to Israel since March. READ MORE

Menstruation: The period charts smashing taboos in Indian homes

Menstruation is a taboo topic in India, but some women are putting up charts with dates on their walls. READ MORE

Tasmanian tiger: Scientists hope to revive marsupial from extinction

Experts behind the project claim the technology for "de-extinction" already exists, but others are sceptical. READ MORE

Five countries, five meals - tackling a food crisis

Around the world people are adapting to high food prices, sometimes by changing what they eat. READ MORE

Alaska primary: Sarah Palin seeks comeback backed by Trump

She largely left the spotlight before the 2016 election of Donald Trump, who has become her key ally. READ MORE

How to make movies without a huge carbon footprint

The film and TV industry is switching towards greener energy sources but the transition has challenges. READ MORE

Backing for Adam Neumann's new firm prompts outrage

Adam Neumann's financial backers say he's a "visionary leader" but others have doubts over his latest plans. READ MORE