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Dozens killed in Indian Kashmir suicide bomb attack

A suicide bomber rammed a car into a bus carrying Indian paramilitary police in Kashmir on Thursday, killing 44 of them in the deadliest attack in decades on security forces in the disputed region, raising tensions with arch foe Pakistan.

Kumbh Mela: Millions gather in India for world’s largest religious event

The largest religious gathering anywhere on earth gets under way Tuesday, with tens of millions of Hindu pilgrims congregating in India to bathe in sacred rivers for the Kumbh Mela.

Indian women enter Hindu temple, defying centuries-old ban

Two women braved a centuries-old ban on entering a Hindu temple in the Indian state of Kerala on Wednesday, sparking protests by conservative Hindu groups outraged by their visit.

India struggles to recover body of American killed by isolated tribesmen

Indian authorities were struggling Thursday to figure out how to recover the body of an American killed after wading ashore on an isolated island cut off from the modern world.

Dozens arrested around Indian temple ordered to lift ban on women

Indian police arrested 68 people taking part in protests around a controversial Hindu temple ahead of a Supreme Court ruling Monday on whether it should be given more time to let women enter.

Women barred from entering Hindu temple in India’s Kerala state

Sabarimala, one of Hinduism’s most holy temples, has become a symbol of the fight for gender equality in India as female worshippers continue to be denied access to the premises despite a Supreme Court decision striking down a longtime ban on women.

India’s top court rules adultery is no longer a crime

Adultery is no longer a crime, India’s top court ruled Thursday, declaring a colonial-era law that punished the offence with jail time unconstitutional and discriminatory against women.

India’s Modi faces calls for resignation over French jet deal

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced calls for his resignation over allegations of corruption in a military jet deal with France after former French president François Hollande was quoted as saying France had no choice in local partners.

India LGBT rights ruling is ‘an ushering of a new India’

It’s known as section 377: a law instituted during British rule, more than a century and a half ago and it prohibits gay sex. India’s Supreme Court unanimously struke the law from the books. This is a major milestone for a religiously and socially conservative nation. One of those filing the report back in April was Keshav Suri, who speaks to FRANCE 24.

India ‘assassination’ plot reaches Paris, but credibility is lost in translation

The arrests of prominent Indian activists last week sparked condemnations across the world. But as details of police attempts to link them to an international assassination plot are starting to emerge, they’re triggering howls of laughter.

Worst floods in a century kill scores in India’s Kerala

The worst floods in a century in the Indian state of Kerala have killed 164 people and forced more than 200,000 into relief camps, officials said on Friday, with the toll expected to rise as heavy rain pushes water levels higher still.