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Google Equiano: Internet giant bets big on Africa with latest megaproject

On July 1, a cable emerged from the Atlantic Ocean in Swakopmund, a small coastal city in western Namibia. Mostly known as a seaside resort, Swakopmund is used to visitors. But the giant ship out at sea, the string of buoys, and a fleet of smaller vessels manned by workers in hard hats and fluorescent bibs was an arrival of a different kind.

A record number of women are running in Kenya’s elections but many face harassment and abuse

Just before sunset, Umra Omar boards a speedboat that will take her around the historic Lamu channel for meetings with voters. As her boat zooms past idyllic islands and arrives at shore 30 minutes later, dozens of women and children rush to greet a candidate they hope will be their next governor.

UN soldiers have come under attack in the DRC from locals who want them out. Here’s why.

Two decades ago, a UN force landed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to keep the peace in a volatile territory almost overrun by armed militias. But with the insurgents still on the prowl, locals say the peacekeepers have outstayed their welcome.