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A long walk: New insight into history of dogs and humans

A study of ancient dog DNA shows man's best friend has been at our side for at least 9,000 years. READ MORE

Why Halloween's reboot is bringing Jamie Lee Curtis so much attention

The 60-year-old actress explains why she's returning to Halloween (but don't call it a franchise). READ MORE

The bang on the head that knocked English out of me

Hannah Jenkins speaks English in the morning and German in the afternoon - it all started with a cycling accident. READ MORE

Syrian refugee who lives in a historic manor

Tamer fled Syria seven years ago, but now lives in a historic house in south-west London. READ MORE

How a racist murder mobilised Britain's Bengali community

A Bengali textile worker was murdered in London’s East End in 1978. The racially motivated killing of Altab Ali mobilised his immigrant community. READ MORE

Nigeria midwife murders: Brutal IS tactics rekindle new fears

The execution-style killings of two aid workers raised fears that the Islamist insurgency is far from over. READ MORE

Orthodox Church split: Five reasons why it matters

Ukraine is pulling churches away from Russia's grip - a very sensitive issue in the current conflict. READ MORE

British-Nigerian filmmaker Adeyemi Michael: All immigrants are conquerors

Adeyemi Michael's mum stars in his film, riding a horse down a busy London street in Nigerian dress. READ MORE

Nehanda, the Shona spirit medium that inspired Mugabe

Nehanda Nyakasikana led the fight against British colonisers in Zimbabwe in the 19th Century. READ MORE

Is the EU really united over Brexit?

It's all to do with money and timing, says the BBC's Europe editor Katya Adler. READ MORE

The Facebook cleaners: 'I've seen hundreds of beheadings'

What's it like to be someone who watches banned content on social media so you don't have to? READ MORE

China disappearances show Beijing sets its own rules

Beijing's crackdown on a film star and the Interpol chief highlights its use of secret detentions. READ MORE