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Hurricane Maria: Trump to visit storm-ravaged Puerto Rico

Mr Trump says he will travel to the US territory on Tuesday in the wake of Hurricane Maria. READ MORE

France's Macron seeks joint defence force under EU reforms

The French president wants countries to cooperate more on security as part of a reformed EU. READ MORE

Star Trek: Discovery series launch pleases fans

The newest Star Trek series has launched - the first with a woman of colour playing the lead. READ MORE

Jeremy Corbyn: It's right to plan for run on pound

The Labour leader says it's right to be carrying out "war games" planning for government. READ MORE

We've had no help - epilepsy drug victims

Families say they have been left to fight for care and help for disabled children harmed by sodium valproate. READ MORE

Equifax boss leaves after data breach

The credit report giant's chairman and chief executive, Richard Smith, steps down with immediate effect. READ MORE

Iraqi Kurd referendum: Erdogan warns of sanctions hunger

Turkey's president says people could go hungry if it halts lorries and oil crossing its border. READ MORE

'Cannibal couple' in Russia admitted killing 30 - reports

The couple were arrested after a phone was found with images of a man posing with human remains. READ MORE

Belgian 'sugar daddy' ads prompt outcry for luring students

A dating site drives vans around Belgian universities telling women how to pay for their studies. READ MORE

Vegetative-state patient responds to therapy

Surgeons fit a nerve stimulator into the man's chest to reverse 15 years of unresponsive wakefulness. READ MORE

Bali volcano: Indonesia fears imminent Mt Agung eruption

Officials say Mt Agung is in a "critical phase" but stress they cannot predict when it might erupt. READ MORE

From eye loss to beautiful patches

Toni Crews lost her right eye to cancer and has been making customised eyepatches. READ MORE