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Chemical experts leave for Douma - Russia

International experts have finally gone to the site of the suspected attack in Syria, Russia says. READ MORE

North Korea missile and nuclear test halt hailed

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's announcement is welcomed by world powers, ahead of key summits. READ MORE

Mia Khalifa filmed a porn scene where she was wearing a hijab.

Former porn star Mia Khalifa says she received abuse after she filmed a porn scene wearing a hijab. READ MORE

UN Security Council seeks to heal Syria divisions in Sweden

Members of the Security Council seek to heal divisions over Syria during a meeting in Sweden. READ MORE

Avicii's music 'will live forever': Tributes paid to the Swedish DJ

It's not yet known how he died but he had been suffering severe pancreatitis. READ MORE

Rare brown bear dies in Italy capture operation

The endangered animal died in Italy during an attempt to fit him with a collar to track movements. READ MORE

Southwest Airlines accident: Authorities order mass engine inspections

Hundreds of jet engines will be checked worldwide following the Southwest Airlines mid-air accident. READ MORE

Nicaragua protestors over pensions called "vampires"

Two protestors and a policeman are killed in the capital, Managua, during protests over pension reform. READ MORE

Week in pictures: 14-20 April 2018

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week. READ MORE

Is a new hate speech law killing German comedy?

Comedians in Germany have been caught up in the county’s strict online hate speech laws. READ MORE

'I want to look as good as my friends'

The make-up artist using her skills to help scarred women live a normal life. READ MORE

Tourist takes crowdfunded trip to British islands

Joe Hill, from the US, mistook a Facebook group for the channel island of Jersey as one for New Jersey. READ MORE