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The Gambia's Yahya Jammeh's term extended by parliament

MPs vote for The Gambia's leader to stay in power for another 90 days rather than step down on Thursday. READ MORE

Sophie the Giraffe: How safe is it?

After mould is reportedly found in the popular children's toy - should parents be worried? READ MORE

Johnson: Countries 'queuing' for UK trade

The foreign secretary backs the PM's Brexit speech, saying new deals can be "pencilled in". READ MORE

Snow-anime pop up around Japan after winter snowfalls

People in Japan have been creating elaborate snow sculptures and posting the pictures online. READ MORE

Who is Chelsea Manning?

President Obama is commuting the 29-year-old's sentence. READ MORE

Trump's views are '100% different' to Putin's, says Alexey Navalny

Russia’s main opposition leader Alexey Navalny says Mr Trump's attitude towards Mr Putin is "strange". READ MORE

Mohamed Aboutrika: Egypt adds ex-footballer to terror list

Former national football star Mohamed Aboutrika is accused of funding the banned Muslim Brotherhood. READ MORE

Australian horses more deadly than snakes

Horses killed more people in Australia in recent years than venomous animals combined, data shows. READ MORE

Colo, the oldest gorilla in captivity, dies aged 60

Western lowland gorilla dies in her sleep at a zoo in the US less than a month after her birthday. READ MORE

Manning 'should not have spent a single day in prison' - Greenwald

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who broke the Edward Snowden leaks on secret US surveillance, says Chelsea Manning "did a great deal of public good". READ MORE

Italy convicts eight South Americans in Plan Condor trial

An Italian court sentences the group over the disappearance of Italian nationals in the 70s and 80s. READ MORE

Babies remember their birth language - scientists

Babies learn language in the early months of life, and retain this knowledge, say scientists. READ MORE