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Former Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang jailed again for misconduct

A court in Hong Kong has sent Donald Tsang back to jail for misconduct but with a reduced sentence. READ MORE

Eight dead as US 'duck boat' capsizes

The tourist vessel sank in stormy weather in Table Rock Lake in the state of Missouri. READ MORE

Sir David Attenborough calls on public to count butterflies

The veteran naturalist says spending time in nature offers a respite from "the strains of modern life". READ MORE

Neil Prakash: Turkey rejects extradition of Australian jihadist

A Turkish court says it will not send IS recruiter Neil Prakash to face terror charges at home. READ MORE

BA emergency landing forces London Gatwick runway closure

A British Airways flight from Naples to Gatwick Airport landed with a technical fault. READ MORE

Japan's Kobe Steel indicted over quality scandal

Kobe Steel, which is Japan's third-largest steelmaker, first admitted to the wrongdoing last year. READ MORE

Dr Bumbum: Brazil plastic surgeon arrested in Rio after patient's death

The celebrity surgeon went on the run after a woman died following buttock enhancement injections. READ MORE

Quiz: "NOW!" - Who's featured longest?

It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world over the past seven days? READ MORE

Sheela Birnstiel on the documentary series Wild Wild Country

Ma Anand Sheela talks to the BBC about her controversial past and her role in Wild Wild Country. READ MORE

Mustafa Dawood: Brother's questions after immigration raid death

Asylum seeker Mustafa Dawood fell to his death from a roof, now his family want answers. READ MORE

Trump invites Putin to visit US

Discussions over a possible autumn visit for the Russian leader are under way, the White House says. READ MORE

Yemeni refugees flee to South Korean holiday island of Jeju

Hundreds of Yemeni refugees have arrived on the resort island of Jeju, off mainland South Korea. READ MORE