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Crazy Rich Asians tops US box office in weekend debut

The film, with an all-Asian cast, is the first romantic comedy to take the top spot in three years. READ MORE

California wildfires: Ferguson Fire near Yosemite contained

California's Ferguson Fire has burned through nearly 97,000 acres and left two firefighters dead. READ MORE

Kerala floods: Relief teams rescue 22,000 as rains ease

Waters recede in some areas but officials warn of disease spreading among thousands made homeless. READ MORE

North Korea to host emotional family reunions

About 200 North and South Koreans will spend a few hours with family they have not seen since the war. READ MORE

Greece emerges from eurozone bailout programme

The last three years saw Athens receive 61.9bn euros to deal with the fallout from its debt crisis. READ MORE

Soup kitchens and start-ups: Greek bailout era ends

As Greece's bailouts end the BBC's Mark Lowen finds much hardship but also glimmers of hope. READ MORE

Gladbeck: The deadly hostage drama where the media crossed a line

It began with a failed robbery and ended in a shootout - and for much of the 54 hours, the media went along for the ride. READ MORE

The woman who created 'Tinder for lonely mums'

As the first of her friends to become a mum, Michelle Kennedy didn't have a network of other mothers to share her experiences with. READ MORE

What Americans get wrong about 911

The US emergency number has been misused recently by white people feeling threatened by African Americans who are simply mowing a lawn or buying a coffee. READ MORE

MTV VMAs: All you need to know about the best video nominees

Cardi B, Childish Gambino and Camila Cabello head up the strongest shortlist since 2004. READ MORE

Colombia's improbable reef offers hope for coral worldwide

A reef near a polluted port raises hopes for the conservation of other endangered coral. READ MORE

'Underwater, I'm a normal person'

Two of Indonesia's medal hopes for the Asian Para Games later this year talk about what inspires them. READ MORE