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German plan to force mums to name lovers in paternity cases

Germany's justice ministry drafts a law requiring mothers in paternity disputes to reveal who they slept with when their child was conceived. READ MORE

EpiPen maker to sell cheaper generic version

The maker of the EpiPen allergy drug will start selling a generic version in the wake of criticism about steep price increases. READ MORE

Clinton aide splits from disgraced husband

Hillary Clinton's personal aide, Huma Abedin, says she is separating from her husband, disgraced former politician Anthony Weiner, amid a new sexting scandal. READ MORE

Triathlon competitor collides with stag

Triathlons are tough at the best of times, but one competitor in the Dublin city event got more than he bargained for when he and a deer collided. READ MORE

Darrell Ward: TV's Ice Road Truckers driver dies in plane crash

Darrell Ward, one of the long-haul drivers made famous on TV's Ice Road Truckers, is killed in a plane crash at the age of 52. READ MORE

Man arrested in China 'Ripper' case

A man has admitted to the rape and murder of 11 victims in northern China over more than a decade, officials say. READ MORE

Reindeer killed in Norway lightning storm

More than 300 reindeer have been killed in a lightning storm on a mountain plateau in Norway. READ MORE

Iran rolls out domestic internet

Iran says it has launched the first phase of "national internet" designed to replace the current system. READ MORE

Italy earthquake: Chalets planned for survivors near Amatrice

Italy plans to build simple wooden "mini-chalets" within three months for the 2,500 people displaced by the 24 August earthquake. READ MORE

Pretoria Girls High racism protest backed by SA minister

A South African minister throws his support behind protesting female students in a row over an alleged racist hair policy at a prestigious high school. READ MORE

MTV Video Music Awards 2016: Beyonce dominates

Beyonce was the big winner at Sunday's MTV VMAs in New York, scooping seven awards including the prestigious Video of the Year prize. READ MORE

New wind tunnel reveals bird flight secrets

Researchers at Stanford University have designed a unique bird tunnel to observe how tiny birds fly. READ MORE