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Billionaire makes World Cup dreams come true for seriously ill children

For football fans across the globe, the opportunity to go to the World Cup is something dreams are made of. READ MORE

Sweden shooting: Three dead in Malmo cafe attack

Several others were wounded in the attack a short distance from a police station. READ MORE

Puan, oldest known Sumatran orangutan, dies in Australia

Puan left an "incredible legacy" of descendants for the critically endangered species, keepers say. READ MORE

Kim Jong-un visits China after Trump summit

He is likely to brief China, North Korea's only economic ally, on his talks with the US president. READ MORE

US suspends military drills with South Korea

The Pentagon on Monday formally suspended a major military exercise planned for August with South Korea, a much-anticipated move stemming from President Donald Trump's nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. READ MORE

Will Norway's electric transport take off?

A battery-powered plane is Norway's latest part of the country’s plan to combat climate change. READ MORE

Apple fined for misleading customers in Australia

The company breached consumer law by refusing to fix devices once serviced by third parties. READ MORE

XXXTentacion: Rapper's volatile life made compelling music

A controversial rapper who was shot dead in Florida had a troubled life that inspired his work. READ MORE

Macron tells teen to call him 'Mr President'

The French president was meeting young people when one student called him something he didn't like. READ MORE

A battle to save Indonesia's last orang-utans

Borneo is one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet - but orang-utans are coming under threat. READ MORE

Trump threatens additional $200bn in tariffs on China

The threat escalates a tit-for-tat trade row with Beijing over US tariffs imposed on Chinese goods. READ MORE

World Cup Catch-Up: Everyone's buzzing for England

Watch all the best action and funnies from the fifth day of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. READ MORE