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Mesut Ozil racism row: Germany's minorities speak out with #MeTwo

Germans with immigrant backgrounds speak out about racism after the Mesut Ozil row over his Turkish roots. READ MORE

Illinois sues Trump Tower over Chicago River water use

The state's lawsuit claims the hotel uses millions of gallons of river water "without a permit". READ MORE

Why single Nigerian women battle to rent homes

Many landlords in Nigeria suspect single women of being prostitutes, making it difficult for them to rent. READ MORE

Madonna at 60: The Queen of Pop in seven charts

What can a look at the numbers tell us about Madonna and her career? READ MORE

Kelechi Okafor: 'I'm not hiding my white boyfriend'

Black rights activist Kelechi Okafor has come under fire for having a white partner - here she defends her choice. READ MORE

Gaza's history-making female runner

How a young athlete from the Gaza Strip overcame prejudice and poverty to make Olympic history. READ MORE

Inside Siberia’s isolated community of forgotten women

Photographer Oded Wagenstein met Siberian women who are left to face the struggles of old age alone. READ MORE

Bringing up your baby as a vegan

Laceinne Cooper is raising her child on a plant-based diet. She explains how and why. READ MORE

BBC reporter's terrifying days amid Taliban assault on Ghazni

Assadullah Jalalzai's family were woken up by Taliban gunfire last Friday. READ MORE

Viewpoint: Chinese mosque standoff risks peace in model Muslim province

China's insistence on controlling religion puts economic progress at risk in a model city, writes David Stroup. READ MORE

India-Pakistan pen pals write their own history

Thousands of students from both countries have exchanged letters as part of a peace initiative. READ MORE

Italy bridge: Bridge rescuers search into the night in Genoa

Cries are reportedly heard from the debris of the road bridge collapse, which left at least 26 dead. READ MORE