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Argentine military sub San Juan missing for 1 year found deep in Atlantic, military confirms

The submarine ARA San Juan that vanished in the Atlantic over a year ago with 44 sailors on board has finally been detected at a depth of 800 meters, the Argentine military has confirmed. Read Full Article at READ MORE

Meter-high flames & huge plumes of smoke: Moscow oil refinery catches fire (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Fire has engulfed an oil refinery plant in Moscow. Social media images show fire burning in at least two locations, with thick black smoke covering the air. Read Full Article at READ MORE

Argentina submarine: ARA San Juan found

The ARA San Juan disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean with 44 on board almost a year ago to the day. READ MORE

Shanghai ‘earthscraper’: World’s 1st underground hotel opens in China inside abandoned quarry

After almost 10 years of construction, Shanghai has unveiled to the public its ‘earthscraper’ hotel built vertically along the precipice of an underground, water-filled quarry. Read Full Article at READ MORE

‘Migrant tsunami’: Tijuana mayor threatens to deport US-bound migrants amid tensions & clashes

The arrival of growing crowds of migrants to Tijuana has led to increased tensions and clashes with locals, with the mayor warning that those who disturb the “tranquility and security” of his city will be deported. Read Full Article at READ MORE

Xi Jinping: US-China trade war will produce no winners

The Chinese leader's comments can be seen as a veiled swipe at Donald Trump's America First policies. READ MORE

Jamal Khashoggi: CIA 'blames bin Salman for murder'

The CIA believes the Saudi crown prince was behind the journalist's murder, US media reports say. READ MORE

California wildfires: More than 1,000 believed missing

Another eight bodies have also been found, bringing the death toll in the Camp Fire to 71. READ MORE

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Imams divided over video game fatwa

Some imams in Kurdistan have officially banned a hugely popular video game – but others are hitting back. READ MORE

Aldyr Schlee, designer of Brazil's famous yellow jersey, dies

Aldyr Schlee won a competition to replace Brazil's white kit after defeat in the 1950 World Cup. READ MORE

Welcome sight: Why some Jamaicans want the army to stay

The Jamaican government has deployed the army to patrol some streets and residents are welcoming it. READ MORE

Week in pictures: 10-16 November 2018

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week. READ MORE