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Jenny Hval: Norwegian artist says periods should be celebrated

Norwegian musician Jenny Hval receives praise after releasing her sixth album, Blood Bitch, which features a song celebrating menstruation. READ MORE

US election 2016: Trump berates Alicia Machado on Twitter

Donald Trump attacks a former beauty pageant winner who criticised him for alleged sexist and misogynistic remarks as "disgusting". READ MORE

Chinese man 'killed 17 neighbours to cover up murder of parents'

A Chinese man has confessed to killing his parents and then killing 17 neighbours in an attempt to cover up his crime, state media report. READ MORE

Month-old baby girl pulled from rubble in Idlib

A rescuer sobs as he pulls out alive a month-old baby girl from what is reported to be the aftermath of an airstrike in Idlib, Syria. READ MORE

Angry man smashes Apple iPhones with a petanque ball

A man is caught on video destroying iPhones at an Apple Store in Dijon by whacking them with a heavy metal ball used for playing petanque. READ MORE

Hoboken train station crash: Brazilian mother named as victim

The woman who died in the New Jersey train crash was a 34-year-old Brazilian mother, US officials say. READ MORE

US student in 'blackface' mocks Black Lives Matter campaign

A video showing a white American student in "blackface" apparently mocking the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked outrage. READ MORE

The heroin overdose antidote saving lives

Victoria Derbyshire presenter Joanna Gosling speaks to Karl Price, a former drug user who has been saved from dying of an overdose by naloxone on three occasions. READ MORE

Palestinian and Israeli leaders shake hands at Peres funeral

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas shakes hands with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres. READ MORE

US 'protecting' jihadist group - Russia

US trying to spare jihadist group in case it's needed to unseat Syrian president, Russian foreign minister tells BBC READ MORE

Russia spends 'fortune' on bridge to Crimea

A massive construction project has begun in Russia to build a 19km bridge to its newest region, Crimea, after it was annexed from Ukraine. READ MORE

Rosetta probe crashes into its comet

Europe’s Rosetta probe ends its mission to Comet 67P by crash-landing on to the icy object’s surface. READ MORE