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Son of AFL coach not guilty of murder

The son of Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh is found not guilty of his murder, on grounds of mental incompetence. READ MORE

Former Israeli PM Shimon Peres dies

Former Israeli PM and president Shimon Peres dies aged 93 following a stroke two weeks ago, reports say READ MORE

Presidential debate: Trump-Clinton showdown breaks TV records

The first US presidential debate is watched by 84 million people, breaking a record set by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan in 1980. READ MORE

Wells Fargo chief forfeits $41m amid corruption probe

Wells Fargo chief executive John Stumpf forfeits $41m (£31.5m) in share bonuses as the bank giant tries to stem a scandal over its sales practices. READ MORE

Serena Williams vows: 'I won't be silent' on police violence

Serena Williams speaks out against law enforcement brutality, quoting Martin Luther King as she says: "There comes a time when silence is betrayal". READ MORE

Spy's row with wife 'almost ruined D-Day'

A row between a British double agent and his wife during World War Two almost compromised D-Day operations, newly released MI5 files show. READ MORE

Refugees plant roots in Austria's gardens

As Austria tries to integrate thousands of refugees and migrants, one group sets up a communal garden to build ties. READ MORE

Why is this woman flying 4,500 miles?

British conservationist Sacha Dench is on the first leg of an epic 4,500 mile paramotor flight following migrating swans. READ MORE

DeLaurentis appointed first US ambassador to Cuba since 1961

The US appoints its first ambassador to Cuba in 55 years as relations between the countries thaw. READ MORE

Syria conflict: US pledges $360m in additional aid

The US government promises to provide $364m (£276m) more in humanitarian aid to people affected by the conflict in Syria. READ MORE

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's debate body language

Communications consultant Mary Civiello talks about what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's body language can tell us about who won the first Presidential debate. READ MORE

Houston gunman was disgruntled lawyer

A "disgruntled" Porsche-driving lawyer wearing Nazi emblems has been named by police as the gunman who opened fire on a Texas street, injuring nine people. READ MORE