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Michael Spavor: Second Canadian 'missing' in China

Canada says it has not heard from Michael Spavor since he said he was being questioned by officials. READ MORE

UK PM to join EU summit after surviving vote

The prime minister is returning to Brussels to seek new assurances from the EU over the Irish backstop. READ MORE

Vahid Sayadi Nasiri: Jailed Iran activist dies on hunger strike

Jailed for his posts on social media, Vahid Sayadi Nasiri protested against his conditions in prison. READ MORE

Sit-down meals 'less healthy than fast-food'

Only one in 10 meals was classed as healthy which is a cause for concern, say researchers. READ MORE

Lake Titicaca: Underwater museum brings hope to shores

The underwater museum will showcase archaeological sites found at the bottom of Lake Titicaca. READ MORE

In pictures: Ethiopians drum for unity

Ethiopia brings together the more than 80 national or ethnic groups that live in the country in a celebration of diversity. READ MORE

Why Brazil same-sex couples are rushing to tie the knot

Some people fear the country's president-elect will challenge the right to same-sex marriage. READ MORE

Kenyan model: 'I won't wear make-up to hide my scars'

Claudiah Wanjiru says that after a difficult journey her scars have made her beautiful. READ MORE

Could light bring us superfast mobile broadband indoors?

Superfast 5G mobile connectivity may not be able to reach inside buildings. Could light help? READ MORE

'If the factory closes what could I afford to eat?'

As the EU threatens to end Cambodia's tariff-free status, textile workers fear it could lead to factory closures and job losses. READ MORE

California man freed after two days trapped in restaurant grease vent

Fire crews free the 29-year-old from a small duct at a vacant Chinese restaurant in California. READ MORE

Canada is seeking consular access to ex-diplomat detained in China

Michael Kovrig, on special leave from Canada's foreign ministry, was detained this week in Beijing. READ MORE