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US election 2016: Donald Trump's unwise battles - or were they?

Donald Trump appears to be digging himself into another hole with his attack on Alicia Machado - what is in it for him? READ MORE

Greek anger at Turkey border treaty remarks

Greece reacts angrily after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared to question a 1923 treaty that set borders between the two countries. READ MORE

Football corruption scandal: Premier League manager bribes claim a lie - agent

The agent at the centre of English football's corruption scandal says his claim eight current and ex-Premier League bosses took bribes was a lie. READ MORE

Bill Clinton keeps Barack Obama grounded

Barack Obama had to hurry up former US President Bill Clinton as the pair left Israel after attending the funeral of Shimon Peres. READ MORE

US death penalty: Number of Americans who support execution falls below 50% for the first time

The number of Americans who favour capital punishment for convicted murderers falls to 48% - the lowest level for four decades. READ MORE

Pornographic film appears on billboard in Jakarta

Motorists and residents in south Jakarta, Indonesia, are left in shock after a pornographic film appears on a large electronic screen close to the mayor's office. READ MORE

Ship carrying chemicals sinking off Japan coast

A tanker carrying 450 tonnes of a chemical used in cleaning products has foundered off the coast of Japan. READ MORE

Jenny Hval: Norwegian artist says periods should be celebrated

Norwegian musician Jenny Hval receives praise after releasing her sixth album, Blood Bitch, which features a song celebrating menstruation. READ MORE

US election 2016: Trump berates Alicia Machado on Twitter

Donald Trump attacks a former beauty pageant winner who criticised him for alleged sexist and misogynistic remarks as "disgusting". READ MORE

Chinese man 'killed 17 neighbours to cover up murder of parents'

A Chinese man has confessed to killing his parents and then killing 17 neighbours in an attempt to cover up his crime, state media report. READ MORE

Italy's artful dodgers: Mafia's Van Gogh appreciation exposed

It is unlikely that the mafia crime network acquired Van Gogh's sombre landscapes for the mastery of their brushstrokes, writes James Reynolds in Rome. READ MORE

Month-old baby girl pulled from rubble in Idlib

A rescuer sobs as he pulls out alive a month-old baby girl from what is reported to be the aftermath of an airstrike in Idlib, Syria. READ MORE