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Trump-Putin: Top US spy retracts 'awkward response'

Intelligence chief Dan Coats had publicly laughed in surprise on hearing of a Putin visit to the US. READ MORE

Syria conflict: Israel evacuates 'White Helmets'

Some 800 members of the civil defence group have been taken to Jordan, media say. READ MORE

Israel evacuates hundreds of Syrian White Helmets to Jordan

About 800 members of Syria's White Helmets civil defence group and their families were evacuated via Israel to Jordan on Sunday from southwest Syria, where a Russian-backed Syrian government offensive is under way, media said. READ MORE

Politicians call for Northern Ireland abortion reform

More than 170 UK and Ireland politicians sign a letter urging the UK government to change the law. READ MORE

Suspected gunman barricaded in LA shop

Police surround the supermarket, with US media saying it is a possible hostage situation. READ MORE

Israel and Arabic: Where else do language and politics collide?

Israel has downgraded the status of Arabic, but there is controversy over language choice elsewhere, too. READ MORE

Opioids: Why 'dangerous' drugs are still being used to treat pain

Despite links to UK hospital deaths and a US addiction crisis, opioids remain the painkiller of choice. READ MORE

Atlanta's Paper Boi on race and rap stardom in the USA

Newsbeat speaks to Paper Boi - aka Brian Tyree Henry - the breakout star of Donald Glover's satire on life as a black American. READ MORE

The National Science and Maths Quiz has kept Ghanaians thrilled for 25 years

A TV school quiz show has Ghana gripped. We meet one of the contestants and follow him on the road to victory. But did he get there? READ MORE

'I was trapped in my mind for a decade, now I'm going to be a dad'

Martin Pistorius had locked-in syndrome for more than a decade. Now he's about to become a father. READ MORE

The mafia murders that brought down Slovakia's government

Before his death, Jan Kuciak uncovered the presence of an Italian organised crime group in Slovakia. READ MORE

Pakistan election: Who's who and why it matters

The lead-up to the vote has been dramatic, with an ex-PM arrested and several deadly militant attacks. READ MORE