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'Feminism is sexist': The women backing Brazil's Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro may have made sexist comments but he has a strong following among women. READ MORE

South Africa shocked by live rape trial of Timothy Omotoso

A televised rape trial in South Africa of a Nigerian televangelist prompts a furious backlash. READ MORE

The places where too many are fat and too many are thin

Up to 90% of countries are suffering from a double burden of under and over-nutrition. READ MORE

World's longest sea crossing: Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge set to open

The $20bn bridge spanning 55km is an engineering marvel but has been dogged by safety issues and delays. READ MORE

Trump and the facts about the migrant caravan

The recent caravan of Central American migrants has clearly been on the president's radar. How true are his claims? READ MORE

Amy Schumer announces pregnancy on Instagram

The comedian made the announcement via a friend's Instagram story, and a photoshopped picture. READ MORE

Foreign maids on 'hell' of kafala jobs in Middle East

Millions of African and Asian women work as maids in the Gulf. They have few rights and abuse is rife. READ MORE

Good Country: The new virtual country with no borders

In the current climate of aggression and competition between countries and their leaders, the Good Country aspires to change the way that nations interact. READ MORE

Is blockchain living up to the hype?

Despite the grand claims made for this distributed ledger tech, few companies are actually using it. READ MORE

Why did this lioness kill the father of her cubs?

We ask the experts to share their theories on why a lioness killed her zoo companion of eight years. READ MORE

Ronaldo on rape claim: I'm a 'happy man' and my lawyers are confident

Cristiano Ronaldo said he was a "happy man" and that the truth will come out about the rape allegation against him, while answering questions Monday at a news conference in Manchester, England. READ MORE

Usain Bolt deal with Central Coast Mariners 'would require financial assistance'

Sprint legend Usain Bolt is "unlikely" to sign a deal with Central Coast Mariners without a financial contribution from a "third-party", say the club. READ MORE