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Pollution devastating industrial Russian city

Millions of Russian residents in Central Russia's Chelyabinsk region are living amidst jaw-dropping amounts of pollution. READ MORE

US life expectancy declines for first time in 20 years

Heart disease and dementia deaths contribute to the first drop in US life expectancy for 20 years. READ MORE

Michael Jordan wins trademark case in China's top court

China's supreme court rules in favour of basketball legend Michael Jordan in a long-running trademark dispute. READ MORE

Fire ants could become Australia's worst pest, report warns

Red fire ants could wreak more damage than rabbits, cane toads and foxes combined, experts warn. READ MORE

Cuban business owners urge Trump to continue thaw

Cuban business owners urge US President-elect Trump not to reverse a recent thaw in bilateral ties. READ MORE

'My baby was stolen by a gang - and sold'

A police operation in Kolkata has uncovered a major baby trafficking ring in India. 13 babies have been rescued and twenty people have been arrested. READ MORE

Pakistan crash pilot called ground control over engine problem

Pakistan crash pilot called ground control over engine issue before mayday, airline chairman says. READ MORE

UK minister accuses Saudis over 'proxy wars'

Footage emerges of the foreign secretary saying Saudi Arabia and Iran are "puppeteering" in the Middle East. READ MORE

Indonesia quake: Search for survivors continues

Rescuers search for survivors in Indonesia's Aceh province a day after a deadly earthquake. READ MORE

Aleppo battle: Assad says victory in city would be 'huge step'

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says a victory in Aleppo would be a "huge step" towards ending the war. READ MORE

Giraffes facing 'silent extinction' as population plunges

A dramatic drop in the giraffe population over the past 30 years leaves them vulnerable to extinction. READ MORE

Glencore and Qatar buy $11.3bn stake in Russia's largest oil company

Glencore and Qatar buy a 20% stake in Rosneft, Russia's biggest oil company, despite US and EU sanctions. READ MORE