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Venezuela crisis: Maduro cuts ties after US backs opposition leader as president

The US recognises opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president and urges the army to back him. READ MORE

US shutdown: Trump delays State of the Union address

The US president acknowledges he cannot deliver his annual speech until the funding row is resolved. READ MORE

Kvitova outclasses Collins to reach Australian Open final

Petra Kvitova reaches her first Grand Slam final since being stabbed, beating unseeded American Danielle Collins at the Australian Open. READ MORE

Indonesia frees ex-governor jailed for blasphemy

The blasphemy conviction of 'Ahok', the Christian former governor of Jakarta, deeply divided Indonesia. READ MORE

Kim Jong-un applauds Trump for second summit plans

North Korea's leader says he remains optimistic about upcoming denuclearisation talks with the US. READ MORE

Detained US-born Iranian reporter released from US custody

The 59-year-old presenter for Iran's Press TV was released after she was held for 10 days as a witness. READ MORE

Nigeria universities: Where students don't know if they will graduate

The futures of more than a million Nigerian university students are on hold as a lecturers' strike drags on. READ MORE

Macedonia and Greece: Why this 27-year row may be about to end

Macedonia's name has been a running sore with its neighbour ever since it came into existence in 1991. READ MORE

'Super poo donors' wanted

Some people appear to have extra special poo, rich in good bugs, that could help mend sick patients. READ MORE

Oscars 2019: Five female-directed films that were missed

Women are absent from the best director category at the Oscars this year. READ MORE

Vatican II: How a modernising Pope brought change for millions of Catholics

In 1959 Pope John XXIII called all the world’s Catholic bishops and cardinals to Rome to discuss the future of the Church, it led to sweeping reform. READ MORE

Malaysia set to elect new king after unprecedented abdication

Sultan Muhammad V unexpectedly stepped away from the throne in January, a first in Malaysian history. READ MORE