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Eleven hikers killed in flash flooding in southern Italy

A rescue official says walkers were "catapulted out like bullets" when a stream in a gorge flooded. READ MORE

Radioactive device goes missing in Malaysia

It's not the first time a device like this has vanished but authorities say there's no reason to panic. READ MORE

Taiwan loses another ally as El Salvador switches to China

Taiwan lost another ally to Beijing on Tuesday when diplomatic ties with El Salvador were severed, as China presses the remaining nations with diplomatic links to Taipei to end them. READ MORE

Mueller inquiry: Trump fears 'perjury trap' in Russia inquiry

The US president also suggested he could take over the investigation into alleged Russian meddling. READ MORE

Venezuela crisis: More migrants cross into Brazil despite attacks

The numbers fleeing economic chaos show no sign of abating, as Venezuela tries to stabilise its economy. READ MORE

Workers in open-plan offices 'more active'

They were also less stressed compared to people working in cubicles or private offices, a US study found. READ MORE

Is roaring US economy a mirage?

President Donald Trump often celebrates America's buoyant economy, but one number seems stuck - real wages. READ MORE

UK wants 'malign' Russia to face action

The foreign secretary urges the EU to copy Washington's response to the Salisbury nerve agent attack. READ MORE

Australia PM survives leadership challenge - reports

Malcolm Turnbull overcomes a challenge by a senior government colleague, Australian media reports READ MORE

Why the Kerala floods proved so deadly

Heavy rainfall in the southern Indian state has been the worst the region has seen in a century. READ MORE

My friend Mohamed, the dry cleaner of Mogadishu

Somalia's capital has been described as the world's most dangerous city - but some people there are trying to change that. Mary Harper came to know one of them. READ MORE

Soviet 1968 invasion: Czechs still feel Cold War shivers

Czechs worry that too many have forgotten the 1968 Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia. READ MORE